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By The Glass



Fotini Pantzia follows her heart and her instinct. When the road of her life took her to the world of wine, she knew it wasn’t random. It was telling her to change direction, leaving journalism and cultural reporting behind to follow on another cultural path; that of wine. From the first day she found herself in the sales of “Boutari”, she was drawn to wine and she decided to dedicate herself to it.

She started dreaming of her own venue, a bar in downtown Athens, where wine would take the lead. In 2012, a difficult year for Athens, she realized her dream, in the spot of her heart, the beautiful Ralli Arcade.

This is how “By The Glass” was born, which with hard work and love, came to be among the 100 best restaurants in Greece, voted for three years in a row “Best Wine Bar Restaurant in Athens” 2017-2018-2019 and was awarded the Best Wine List award in 2017.

Today she is the proud owner of another wine bistrot, Boccanegra on Voukourestiou pedestrian street and that of All Day Italian Restaurant “Cardinale” on Mitropoleos Street, near Athens Cathedral.

Together with her responsibilities as a businesswoman she is a single mother. She has a son, Angelos-Abatou, whom she travelled to Ethiopia to meet.

At the same time, she is actively involved with taking care of the stray dogs of Athens.

Fotini always sees the bright side of life! And it is this light that leads her every choice.


Antonis Pechlivanakis is the executive chef of wine bar restaurant “By the Glass” since September 2018. With studies in Greece, Paris and Thailand, he has elicited important distinctions in many culinary competitions. He has served as an executive chef in big restaurants and hotels in Athens and the rest of Greece while he was a cooking professor for two years (2010-2012) in a private culinary college.

Antonis Pechlivanakis’ cuisine showcases the wine choices of “By the Glass” putting the emphasis on raw materials. Antonis creates tasty dishes, both for the eye and for the palate.

The menu has a varied selection of appetizer and main dishes, hot and cold starters which include cheese and charcuterie platters. Mediterranean cuisine is dominant, with meticulously chosen dishes, a unique culinary creation every day.