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The Food

By The Glass


Our large selection of wines, accompanies Greek and international tastes, with particular attention paid to sourcing, by our chef Roberto Koninis. A versatile menu, with dishes especially designed for pairing with our 500+ wine list.

By the Glass is in the 2020 edition of Gault & Millau food guide with 10.5/20, in number 41 of the 100 Best Restaurants in Greece of Restaurant 100 Awards and has been voted Number 1 Bar and Wine Restaurant in Athens for years in a row. It has been awarded the Best Wine List award as well.

Unique Culinary creations await you to enjoy them by yourself or with your company of friends and pair them with a glass of wine or two, or a bottle.

Our chef guides your culinary trip for a value for money unique pairing experience with the wine of your choice.

From noon till 02:00 in the morning you can trust the quality of By the Glass, for a corporate lunch or enjoy a romantic dinner later in our patio.



Fresh baked bread, -whole wheat, carob, sourdough- olives, butter, extra-virgin olive oil.
Frisée aux Lardons: frisée, smoked pancetta, egg, cherry tomatoes, croutons, Dijon vinaigrette.
Tomato, cherry tomato, smoked sea weed, gem lettuce, sesame and miso dressing.
Oven roasted red and yellow beets, caramelized walnuts, chèvre, Béarnaise.
Sea food salad ceviche: sea bass, citrus fruit, jalapeno pepper.
Rillettes: Beef and pork rillette, and pork “head cheese”, fresh baked baguette, house made pickles, Béarnaise.
Beef steak tartar served on marrow bone, roast shallots, mustard seeds, truffle cream, toast.
Marinated Black Angus beef slices with ricotta cheese, shallot, horseradish, mustard and Hollandaise sauce on toast.
Spiced grilled shrimp, labneh, harissa, tomato.
Mussels, chorizo tomato, and spiced mayo on toast.
Crispy brie and gorgonzola croquettes, hot honey, almonds, fresh thyme.
Salmon tartar Picatta on toast, aioli, crispy capers, parsley, pickled lemon.
Pinsa with gorgonzola, smoked pancetta, mushroom.
Pinsa with chèvre, Comté, blueberries, onion.
Beef and lamb kebab, tomato sauce, smoked eggplant, pine nuts, spiced Greek yogurt.
Bao Buns with mutton patties, goat cheese, roast onion and tomato.


Potato gnocchi and shrimp scampi.
Risotto with mushroom and truffle cream.
Grilled beef patties, Greek yogurt and mint.
Salmon brochettes with miso soy, furikake and carrot slaw.
Fresh tofu stuffed ravioli, cauliflower cream, almond, truffle cream (Vegan).
Roast mushroom over hummus with cherry tomatoes and zaatar (Vegan).
Duck leg, sausage and smoked pancetta with beans cassoulet.
Grilled boneless chicken, roast mushroom and green salad.
Frenched pork rib chops alla Milanese, bacon jam, green salad, double fried potatoes.
Black Angus Flap steak, 500gr, roast mushroom, cheesy mashed potatoes.
Rib Eye steak, Béarnaise, broccoli, potatoes.
Prime Rib Tomahawk, Béarnaise, potatoes, broccoli, roast onion.


Charcuterie: Mortadella, Chorizo, Finocchiona, Prosciutto, Air-dried salami from Evritania.
Cheese: Graviera 12 month old, Chèvre, Brie de Meaux, Gruyère, Gorgonzola piccante, Pecorino sardo.
Mixed plateau with Cheese and Charcuterie.


Baba au rhum, with rum and wild Greek mountain tea syrup, vanilla cream and orange ice cream.
Chocolate molten Lava Cake with fresh berries and panacotta cream.
Lemon meringue tart with ginger and lime syrup.
Skillet chocolate chip cookie with chocolate ice cream.
Everything is made in the kitchen of By the Glass, our house-made handmade bread included. We use extra virgin olive oil in all our dishes.
(VE)=Vegetarian (VG)=Vegan (G)= Gluten free