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By The Glass


Our large selection of wines, accompanies Greek tastes, with particular attention paid to sourcing, by our chef Antonis Pechlivanakis. Mediterranean cuisine, with dishes especially designed for pairing with our wines.

By the Glass is in the number 41 of the 100 Best Restaurants in Greece of Restaurant 100 Awards and has been voted Number 1 Bar and Wine Restaurant in Athens for three years in a row (2017-2018-2019) by the same organization. It has been awarded the Best Wine List in 2017 as well.

Unique Culinary creations await you to enjoy them by yourself or with your company of friends and pair them with a glass of wine or two, or a bottle.

Our chef guides your culinary trip for a value for money unique pairing experience with the wine of your choice.

From noon till 02:00 in the morning you can trust the quality of By the Glass, for a corporate lunch or enjoy a romantic dinner later in our patio.



Country loaf, whole wheat bread and carob bread. Served with dip of the day.
Mediterranean eggplant salad with grilled focaccia.
Focaccia with mushrooms, cream cheese and truffle oil.
Focaccia with salmon and sour cream.
Talagani and graviera cheese croquettes with homemade cherry tomatoes and ginger jam.
Sauteed shrimps* with feta cheese and red wine sauce with raisins.
Salmon tartare with crab apple.
Octopus marinated with white wine and chilly, “fava” cream and off dry onions.
Tuna tataki with guacamole and black seed.
Beef tagliata with cacao nibs and colored peppers and espresso sponge.


Green salad salad with mushrooms, hazelnuts, cherry tomatoes, cantal flakes and mustard seed dressing.
Beluga lentil salad with crab apple, fourme d’Ambert, gravlax salmon, herbs and lemon- vanilla dressing.
Baby lettuce, with sun-dried tomato, homemade croutons & parmesan- lemon dressing.
Cherry tomatoes with barley bread rolls, cucumber linguini, capers & feta cheese mousse with thyme.
Smoked salmon platter, dinkel bread and tartare sauce.
Platter of cheeses served with trilogy of homemade marmalade dried fruits and homemade croutons.
Platter of cheeses and aged cold cuts served with a trilogy of homemade marmalade dried fruits and homemade croutons.
Seabream ceviche with dry onion, mint and lemon oyster.
Beef tartar with black garlic powder.
Beef carpaccio marinated with red fruits and mustard, with parmesan foam and aged berries vinegar.


Brown Rice pasta with sage, shrimps and kalamansi juice.
(gluten and egg free)
Bloody Mary papardelle.
Three cereals risotto with brace calf, Drambuie and talagani cheese.
Risotto with a variety of mushrooms and truffle oil.
Chicken fillet with red rice, carrot and ginger puree and homemade demi glace with spices.
Grilled mini burgers with French fries, wholegrain dumplings and yoghurt dip.
Gnocchi with beef cheeks and smoked cheese.
Beef fillet with mushrooms and sauteed potatoes, Comfit cherry tomatoes and pepper sauce.
Greek traditional pressed lamb with celeriac puree, baby potatoes and Porto sauce.
Seabream with herbs crust, Peruvian potato puree and hazelnut-truffle sauce.
Salmon fillet marinated with Japanese vinaigrette with lemon risotto and asparagus .


Creamy custard pie with white chocolate, champagne syrup and gluten free ice cream with cinnamon, raisins and “raki”
Chocolate moelleux with Madagascar vanilla ice cream.
Tiramisu with caramelized hazelnuts.
Lemon tart with Italian meringue and confit of passion fruits, marinated with Campari.